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About Us

The Old Colony Ski Club is a group of skiers and would-be skiers whose purpose is to further the interest in skiing and make skiing more enjoyable and less expensive for the average enthusiast.

The Club is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and maintains a lodge in North Woodstock, New Hampshire which is approximately 150 miles from Boston and is 10 miles south of Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire, and 3 miles west of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire. The lodge is a 19 room building accommodating 65 persons and is available to members for summer and fall activities as well as during the ski season. Many activities are enjoyed by members throughout the year, both locally and in New Hampshire.

The Old Colony Ski Club is operated as a non-profit corporation on democratic principles with each member equal within the organization. Annual dues cover the indirect costs of the Club including meetings, repairs, improvements to the lodge, correspondence, taxes, insurance, mortgage payments, and upkeep of the grounds. However, the direct costs of operating the lodge is borne by those members using the lodge.