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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay at the club even if I don't know anyone in the club?
We are a club - we accommodate our members and their guests. If you are interested in becoming a member, you must contact us first to arrange a sponsor. Please use the above contact link and fill out the form.

Where the heck is this place anyway?

It's really easy to find, just off of Exit 32 in North Woodstock, NH.
If you click on the direction at the top of this page, you will find directions to Old Colony Ski Club.

How do I join the club?

You must be 21 years or older to join the club. Start by looking at the “Join Us” link at the top of this page for all the requirements. Then use the “Contact Us” link and tell us you want to join. We will get back to you with how best to go about meeting the requirements. If you don’t know anyone that can sponsor you tell us that and we will find a sponsor for you. When you’re ready to join send in the completed application along with a check to Old Colony Ski Club for $320 ($300 dues for one year plus a $20 one time application fee) and send it to the address listed on the application. The application has to be reviewed by the Board of Directors before the membership is approved.

What if I only want to join for half a year?

Memberships are only available for a full year, which runs from October 1st through September 30th. However you can join after April 1st and pay a onetime half year annual dues and the onetime $20 application fee. If you want to continue your membership you must renew it before October 1st of that year and pay the full annual dues. (There will be no application fee.)

What are the sleeping accommodations like?

Beds are on a first come, first served basis. We have more than enough. All rooms are bunk-style with anywhere from 4 to 6 single beds (in bunk bed style) to a room. Men and women are required to sleep on separate floors. Everyone is required to bring their own bedding and towels. We do have pillows but suggest you bring your own pillowcase. Click on the “Gallery” link on our home page then click “Tour of the Lodge” to see what the sleeping rooms and the other rooms are like..

Can I bring kids to the lodge?

At certain times during the ski season you can. Our club is an Adult (over 21) club during the ski season (October 1 through April 30) except for Christmas week and Winter Vacation, during which children are allowed at the club except on party weekends. Our club is not really conducive to children during the ski season as there isn't a child friendly place set up apart from the adult activities occurring at the lodge. Children are allowed at the lodge during the off ski season (May 1 through September 30) except on party weekends.

Can I bring pets to the lodge?

Many of us are animal lovers but there are restrictions on pets. Anyone who is briefly visiting the lodge that has an animal with them must keep it in their vehicles at all times. No animal should be kept in an unsafe environment (such as a hot vehicle) and no animal is to be kept in a vehicle overnight.

Is smoking allowed at the lodge?
There is no smoking in the lodge building. Smoking is allowed outside of the building.

Who cleans the lodge?

Did we mention that it is an adult club? Members and guests are responsible for cleaning up their own mess. All members and guests are expected to clean up their bunk room including emptying the trash and vacuuming the rug. In addition, before leaving for home, all members must complete one chore assigned by the director in charge.

What if I want to bring my friends?

Guests are always welcome and are required to pay the posted guest fees. Members are allowed to have up to six guests at a time except that we may limit this number for special events. Any more than six guests must receive prior approval by the Board of Directors.

Does the club have a race team?
Old Colony Ski club is not a member of EICSL and does not have a race team. We are always looking for fresh ideas. If you want a race team, we’d probably ask you to organize it.

What is a work weekend?
One work weekend (two six hour days) per membership year is required of every Active member under the age of 70. It’s a weekend where a group of members come together and do basic cleanup and repairs to the club. It helps in the upkeep of the club and lowers the cost of maintaining it. If you do not work your required work weekend, you are charged $40 per day missed.

When does the Membership year run?
The membership year runs from October 1st to September 30th.

What if I like living at the lodge better than my own home?
Members are not allowed to use the lodge as a permanent residence or receive mail at the club. Members receive a combination to the lodge locks and have full use of the lodge all year long but there is a limit of 28 days within any 60 day period without BOD approval. The Board of Directors will determine whether that member is capable of managing the club alone for extended periods before that member is granted permission to use the club more than the 28 out of 60 days

How do I make a reservation?
Once you are a member of the club, you will be able to use the sign-up sheet on the club website Members page. If you don’t have access to the internet you can have another member make a reservation for you. You must please try to make your reservation by 9:00 pm on the Thursday before the weekend you are coming up. While in recent memory we have not run out of beds, there is a priority order:
1. Members making their reservations prior to Thursday at 9 PM. After which time director in charge would contact members who reserved spots for guests if there weren’t room for their guests.
2. Spots reserved for guests after Thursday at 9 PM. We are not going to toss a guest because a member didn’t reserve their spot in time.
3. First come first served.
What is a director in charge (aka DIC)?
The board of directors divides up responsibilities during the ski season and someone volunteers to be the Director in Charge (DIC). The DIC makes sure that there is enough room in the club for members and guests prior to their arrival. During the weekend the DIC makes sure people sign in; everyone is doing their share of tasks; and help ensures guests know their way around the club and pertinent safety rules.